Public Speaking from the Good Groups Guru

Public Speaking from the Good Groups Guru

Powerful Presentations with Practical Take-Home Tools for Your Event Participants

Today's conference or event participant wants something practical., something they cannot get online.  Luther's interactive, hands-on, and inspirational presentations give participants tools they can take home and use to strengthen their groups and communities.  His positive, "good groups" approach builds on the skills and interests of participants, and reminds us of why we gather in the first place.  Luther's highly-rated sessions reflect on your whole event, and lift up your organization.

Why work with Luther Snow?

1.  A presentation from Luther is not just a lecture, but an inspirational, interactive experience.

2.  Luther shares the kind of practical, take-home tools that event participants really value.

3.  Luther's positive message of collaboration also builds your organization.

4.  His presentations are highly rated by all kinds of participants.

5.  Luther's style is engaging, humorous, and insightful.

6.  He will customize his speaking to your context and group, with stories and examples.

7.  Luther's "Good Groups" presentations remind participants of the value and purpose of your organization and event.

Participant and sponsor feedback:

"Luther's presentation gave our conference a boost for the next three years!

"Luther Snow changed the way I think, and helped me appreciate the strengths we have in our association.

" I went home and tried out the Asset Language exercise Luther taught us with the rest of our Board.  It was our best meeting ever!

"He gave me a way to talk about and practice what I already know and believe in." 

New Conferencing: 

Luther's work and presentations are at the leading edge of a New Conferencing movement.  Ask Luther for more information on New Conferencing and to work with you on designing your conference or gathering to inspire, inform, and excite your participants.

How to Engage Luther Snow as a Speaker/Presenter at Your Event:

Send me a note!  Please click here and include the following information:

  • A brief description of your organization and the event you are planning.  (If you have a link to a webpage for more detail, that's great).

  • The dates and place you have in mind.

  • Your budget.

  • Your phone number

I'll  respond to you with my availability, and talk with you more about what you want to accomplish and how Ican help.  If you have a team or committee to work with, we can set up a conference call.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for your interest and for your good work!