Overview of Services and Specialties

Overview of Services and Specialties

Luther K. Snow is a consultant, facilitator, author and speaker who helps groups of people take positive action for the public good.  As the "Good Groups Guru," Luther has trained and facilitated over 25,000 people and hundreds of organizations in positive collaboration.  Luther is best known as the creator and developer of Asset Mapping

For more information on the strengths and experience Luther can bring to your work, go to http://www.luthersnow.com/about-us.html 

Luther can help you as a powerful event presenter, as a dynamic group facilitator, as a strategic consultant, or all three -- see Core Services listed below. 

What makes Luther's work even more powerful and relevant to groups like yours is his 35 years expertise in an extraordinary range of Specialty Areas,   Click on the Specialty section below, enjoy exploring some of the fascinating and cutting-edge approaches Luther has developed,  and consider how this kind of expertise might strengthen you and your group.

Then contact Luther and lets talk about how we can design a service that will work specifically for you.  Thank you for your interest and your inquiry!

Core Services:

Extraordinary Results from Simple Tools

Public Speaking from the Good Groups Guru

Powerful presentations with practical take-home tools for your event participants
Today's event participant wants practical benefits they can take home and use.  Luther's interactive, hands-on, and inspirational presentations build on the skills and interests of participants, and remind us of why we gather in the first place.  His highly-rated sessions reflect on your whole event, and lift up your organization. [Read More]

Facilitation. The Snowball Effect.

How to get your group going, and growing, in the right direction.
What gets people to act in community?  It starts with the half-full cup.  As we recognize our assets, we are led to connect with others to get things done.  Our successes inspire us and create new opportunities, and that mobilizes even more people.  Luther knows how to facilitate this "snowball effect" in any group of people, so that the right work gets done, and so that our results are sustainable over the long term. [Read More]

Consulting:  Breakthrough Solutions

Projects and plans that are energizing, practical, and fundable.
Doing a Strategic Plan?  Growing your funding?  Developing a new project?  There's a special genius in your community or organization, just waiting to be tapped.  Luther's consultations go beyond the typical document or process.  He has the ability to see your strengths and opportunities in even the toughest situations.  And he builds the capacities of your leaders to lead ongoing community success, long after the consultation is over. [Read More]

Special Topics and Training:

New Thinking, Making a Difference

In recent years, Luther has  trained and led over 25,000 people and hundreds of organizations in methods that are critical to their own context and community.  From experts to beginners, professionals to volunteers, Luther's knowledge and 40-year experience work for group success.  Some topics of special engagement include:

Asset Mapping: Simple Power

How to bring out the good in your group.
With the widespread success of Asset Mapping, Luther  demonstrated that it is possible to create simple tools that can have immediate and powerful effects.  He made a breakthrough in our understanding of positive group dynamics -- how we get things done together for the common good.  Now Luther has developed and polished a whole toolbox of techniques and methods that build on Asset Mapping principles for positive action.  He tailors these tools for training and consultation that is especially relevant to your people and your interests. [Read More]

Positive Rural Development: Because We Love It Here!

How to mobilize people to build on rural strengths and assets.
People call Luther one of the top five rural development experts in the nation, because he has helped lead the field away from "hand wringing" and toward a greater appreciation of the special strengths and opportunities of rural life.  As a rural resident himself, Luther understands rural perspective and appreciate rural strength.  He teams with community leaders to create Positive Rural Development projects that really work for you. [Read More]

Empowering Congregations:  And All Were Fed.

How to build ministry, people, funds, and spirit with the assets you already have.
Want to strengthen and renew your congregation?  You can't force it; faith community is voluntary.  But you can release a snowball effect of positive action that grows and multiplies over time.  Luther's asset-based tools and methods have worked in every aspect of congregational life, and have been applied by national, regional, and local religious organizations.  Best of all, they are based on a theology of abundance and traditions of faith that remind us why we form congregations in the first place. [Read gMore]

Smart Partnerships:  More with Less!

How institutions can really engage communities to get things done.
These days, funders, public agencies, and other institutions are pressed to accomplish more, and spend less.  So we seek to leverage our assets with community partnerships.  But how do we encourage real collaboration, with and among diverse community stakeholders?  Smart Partnerships take advantage of positive network dynamics.  Luther works with communities and institutions to enable each of us to contribute and gain as part of the common good.  The result is more participation, more buy-in, better projects, and greater impact for our resources. [Read More]

Financial Strategies for Social Innovation:  Doing Well by Doing Good

How to develop exceptional enterprises for earned income and sustainable impact.
Are you looking for money for your project?  Good news:  by recognizing our gifts and using our relationships, we tap into financial resources all around us.  Innovative new enterprises bridge the social and the economic for long-term, sustainable impact.  Luther has had the experience in Social Innovation to help you put the money in your mission, and the mission in your money. [Read More]

College and University Engagement:  Collaboration U

How to connect institutional, community, and scholarly activities for the benefit of all.

There's a quiet convergence happening around institutions of higher education.  It goes beyond Service Learning, beyond Community Relations, and beyond traditional Institutional Development.  It leads us to new approaches in research and learning, to effective new institutional structures, and to new development opportunities. 

What I see at the confluence is Engagement, our push toward positive,collaborative action for the larger good.  I've participated in this push from every role and perspective, both on and off campus.  I share lessons from these experiences and facilitate campus collaboration with you for the benefit of faculty, staff, students,business, government, and community stakeholders. [Read More]