Facilitation: The Snowball Effect

Facilitation:  The Snowball Effect

How to get your group going, and growing, in the right direction

What gets people to act in community?  It starts with looking at the "half-full cup."  As we recognize our assets, we are led to connect with others to get things done.  Our successes inspire us and create new opportunities, and that mobilizes even more people. 

Luther knows how to facilitate this "snowball effect" in any group of people, so that the right work gets done, and so that our results are sustainable over the long term.

Why work with Luther Snow?

1.  Luther has made a breakthrough in our understanding of how groups really work, and he puts that breakthrough into action for you.

2.  Luther is a premier facilitator who has facilitated and trained over 25,000 people for positive collaboration.

3.  Diverse participants relate to Luther's approach.

4.  Your people will act and contribute because they want to act, not because they are being told to.  That means buy-in and sustainability.

5.  Your group will tackle the issues that matter most, and take the most strategic actions to get things done.

Participant and sponsor feedback:

"Our meetings were always "pity parties."  In one day with Luther Snow, we became a positive, powerful team.

"As a participant, I felt like people were finally listening to me.  That made me just want to invest time and energy in the group.

"Our high-powered leaders came together to collaborate, but we couldn't agree on an issue.  Working with Luther, we created a larger agenda that everyone could contribute to and benefit from.

"Amazing.  With Luther's facilitation, our group finally achieved a small victory. That got us rolling, and now there's no stopping us!

Growing with Success (or "Snowball") model.

Luther has developed a long-range model for group facilitation that builds on these positive network dynamics.  Growing with Success works because it gets participants immediately involved in work they enjoy and care about, then builds on these experiences to refine and develop larger group strategy.  Ask Luther about it!

How to engage Luther Snow as a facilitator for your group.

Every facilitation job is unique, so let's talk about it. 

Drop me an email with a brief description and your phone number.  I'll contact you to collaborate on a facilitation that really works for your group.

Thanks for bringing people together for the common good!